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Products & Services

  • Deposits
  • Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards
  • Investments
  • Fund Management
  • Business Loans
  • Consumer Loans



Products & Services

  • Leasing
    Financial Lease Transactions: Direct Lease and Sale/Leaseback
  • Commercial Loans
    Secured short and medium term business loans
  • Consumer Loans
    Secured individual loans in the form of brand new and pre-owned car program.
    Doctors’ loan program for medical equipment acquisitions
  • Term Contract Discounting
    Discounting of trade receivable

ALGO currently serves Metro Manila, key provinces outside Metro Manila, and the whole of Luzon.



Products & Services

  • Full HMO Comprehensive Healthcare Program
    Premium based program which includes In-Patient Care, Out-Patient Care, Annual Check-Up, Emergency Care and Preventive Care (Wellness Campaigns, Immunization Programs, Health Counseling, Family Planning Counseling)

  • Administrative Service Only (ASO) Program
    Funded type of healthcare program applicable for companies with over 300 employees wherein only actual usage of healthcare is paid for, without sacrificing the advantages of regular healthcare program
  • Unbundled In-Patient Program
    Consists of standard In-Patient benefits
  • Unbundled Out-Patient Program
    Consists of standard Out-Patient benefits
  • Individual and Family Plans

  • Small Group Plans

  • International Emergency Assistance



Products & Services

  • Data encoding and data processing services on 24-hour x 7 days with 100% accuracy rate.
  • Hardware provider and Software Certified Customer Assistance Center (CAC) for STRATUS computers.
  • Hardware provider for all types of IBM servers, RS6000, mass data storage, and high availability.
  • Hypercom POS Terminals provider, support and maintenance
  • Network Management solution provider and support.
  • Network Infrastructure Integration.
  • Systems Integration and solutions provider.




Customer Contact Center Solutions

As a pioneer in inshore business process outsourcing, EITI provided crucial services for one of the country’s leading credit card institutions for many years. It is this experience and expertise, which the organization brings to the client, initiating improved efficiency with cost-effective results.
Through EITI, clients may take advantage of a state-of-the-art Call Center system with the company’s own customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software application on the desktop, Interactive Voice Response Services, and Automatic Call Distribution. EITI has also integrated Computer Telephony Integration into our environment. 

Contact Center Services include:
  • Customer Service (Voice and Email Support)
  • Telemarketing
  • Order Processing
  • Billing and Collection
  • Phone Verification
  • Document Management
  • Back room Services

Development of Phone and Internet Banking solutions

EITI uses the latest equipment and print materials to provide document print distribution that conforms to the customer's standards. It can securely transform data into relevant documents, which can be put into the postal system stream faster than any other system.

EITI’s Outsourced-Document-Processing Services include:

  • Data Transfer
  • Document Formatting and Design
  • High Speed Laser Printing
  • High Speed Intelligent Mail Processing – (Document collating, folding, inserting, sealing, and franking)
  • Manual Letter Shopping
  • Direct-to-Envelope Printing
  • Gum - Labeling
  • Print Supply
  • Mail Distribution and Delivery

Indeed, EITI offers a total solution package to its customers - one that encompasses all the key elements of document production. In accordance with the client’s business processes, EITI can provide end-to-end solution where it will manage all aspects of data transfer, laser printing, document assembly, distribution to courier, and other related services.



Products & Services

Product Lines

  • Lenovo PC Products
  • IBM System xSeries Server and Services
  • IBM pSeries
  • IBM Storage Products & Services
  • VMWare (Virtualization) Technology
  • EMC Storage Products & Services
  • Hitachi Storage Products & Services
  • STRATUS Computers
  • IBM Software
  • Lotus Products
  • Microsoft Products
Symantec (Veritas) Back-up Management Solutions

Technical Support Services

The company also provides immediate technical support services by providing a detailed project engineer onsite. Hardware service units are also integral to the Service Level Agreement provided by EI.

Maintenance Services

The company provides preventive and remedial maintenance and project management to coordinate all maintenance activities for the client. The company has a service call tracking system to effectively monitor clients’ service call requests.

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